Keynote Speaker

Dr. Colleen Georges

S.T.E.A.M. Empowerment Session Speakers

Felicia McGinty

Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration and Planning at Rutgers University – New Brunswick

Session title: Leading After Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Dean Francine Conway

Dean of Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology

Session Title: Getting comfortable with conflict

Dean Candiece White

Session title: Get Excited about Preparing for Rutgers (High School Students ONLY)

Stacy Trukowski

Interim Executive Director of Recreation

Session title:  Shape Up Your Mindset for a Healthy Body

Keisha Dabrowski

Chief of Staff, Division of Student Affairs

Session title: Your Personal Brand’s Impact of Your Social Capital



Rebecca Reynolds

Dean of Advising and Mentoring and Director of the Mary I. Bunting Program – Douglass Residential College

Session title: What happens to High School ‘Mean Girls’ in College and Beyond? Negotiating Power and Competition

Ariel Leget

Assistant Director of Living-Learning Communities and Academic Initiatives

Session Title: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Recognizing the Possibilities Within Yourself

Misty Denham-Barrett

Residence Life Coordinator

Session title:  The Power of Vulnerability

Dr. Geraldine Cochran

Dean of the Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in STEM

Session title: Understanding Intersectionality in STEM

Jackasha Wiley

Director of Upward Bound and Pre-College Initiatives for Student Access & Educational Equity within Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Session Title: Sister Girl, I am Going To College: Navigating High School and the College Admissions Process (High School Students ONLY)

S.T.E.A.M. Hot Topics Talks Speaker

Christie Schweighardt

A picture of Christie Schweighardt

Undergraduate Student

Chanel Jordan

Undergraduate Student

Christina Parry

Undergraduate Student

Dr. Ashley Green


Christina Ramirez

Graduate Student

Dr. Heba Abdo


Conference Hosts

Shuting Zhang

Danica Sapit

Featured Performance

Tiana Ford

Featured Art Gallery

The Art of Science