Women’s Mentorship Checklist

March 2023


A mentor is a trusted colleague or advisor whose experience may help the mentee work towards their goals and achieve their full potential. Mentors might be chosen for their ability to: offer sound advice and feedback, listen actively and sympathetically, help work through an issue, coach a mentee towards professional growth, be a good role model and challenge mentees to achieve their potential.

Use this checklist as a guide to assist you on your journey!

  • Celebrate the Women in Your Life
    • Use this week to reach out to women who have made an impact on your journey. Send them a note, email, and/or highlight them on social media. #weRsteam
  • Find the Right Mentor
    • Think about your career or development long term and short-term goals. (SMART GOALS)
    • Think about what you need from a mentor. What type of guidance do you need at this juncture in your journey?
    • Make a list of potential mentors who you would like to be a part of your journey (Do your research).
  • Making the Ask
    • Think about the list of potential mentors, and how you plan to reach out to them. Email? Phone call? Do you have an elevator pitch? What do you like about their work that makes you want to connect with them? Do your research!
    • Discuss with your mentor what you hope to gain from the mentoring relationship.
    • Determine if it is the right fit.
  • How to be a good mentee
    • Share your goals, especially if they change.
    • Be consistent with meeting with your mentor. Have an agenda/talking points.
    • Be Open to Feedback and take notes.
    • Continue to follow up.

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership osi@echo.rutgers.edu